At SKY our competitive advantage lies in the mix of quality, price and speed to the market. We understand and act according to our customer’s requirements and needs. With our solid experience within the Chinese procurement market, our Western sales market know-how and the understanding of German quality we offer the best of both worlds: Stable quality and a competitive production environment.
These principles are being implemented by the Sino-German management, a German-managed QC team, a team of local Chinese merchandisers (each merchandiser being bi-lingual with solid international trading experience) and a European design team. Each individual is an expert in his or her field.
In order to provide tailor-made services to our customers, SKY is divided into a hard goods and a garment division, both specialized in sports goods. Thus we are able to offer a one stop shopping solution to our retail customers who are looking for basic and promotional items. Next to this, through our own developments and ability to produce OEM we are also able to satisfy the needs for more specialized products of sports retailers and brand customers.