The SKY quality vision is based on four pillars:
  • Quality concept “made in Germany: Our production and QA department is lead by a German manager, the underlying QA and QC concept is based on a German understanding of the word “quality”.
  • Prevention: Preparation and proper planning are key to our consistent quality level. The base for this is our vast experience in our line of business and our ability to learn from past experiences. See our PREVENTION concept on the right.
  • Long term orientation: We follow a partnership approach with our manufacturers, sub-suppliers and service providers. Mutual trust, respect and a long-term view tie us together and give us an advantage in the Chinese business environment in which strong relationships are a key success and stability factor.
  • Control: Raw material-, inline- and final inspections by our experienced staff ensure the compliance to workmanship-, functional- and safety requirements. Sample drawings from raw materials and mass production for chemical testing guarantee that the chemical quality of the production can be kept consistent as well. In 2011 SKY has spent more then 100,000EUR on chemical testing.

Apart from those traditional conceptions of “quality”, for us a complete quality approach is not only limited to the quality of our products. It also includes the quality of our reliability towards customers and other stakeholders in terms of contractual agreements and confidentiality matters.

The SKY Prevention concept consists of 6 steps: